About The Company

We have been around for a long time:

Three decades and counting of courting customer satisfaction and making sure that there are only smiling faces with our name are associated with furniture have meant that we have served almost every house in the neighborhood. We have learned a lot over the years and we have made sure that over these years we have given our unfailing services.

We are associated with quality product s and services:

Over the years, we have established ourselves as a one-stop shop for everything that a household needs in furniture. However, our specialty niche has apparently been garden and outdoor furniture. We not only produce A-grade garden furniture but we also repair and service them. Our furniture is so durable that it has also been passed as heirloom nowadays.

Wide range and variety:

Our store caters to every budget. We have wood furniture that boasts of real wood being used to make it to furniture that is light and contemporary. We have been striving to be able to create the atmosphere exactly how you have it in your mind and that is the reason we have a big repertoire.

Cleaning service included:

When you buy furniture from us, we give you a complimentary coupon for three different cleaning schedules. The cleaning tokens have to utilize in a span of two years. We also have added cleaning portfolio to our burgeoning services and if the client wants to exclusively sign up for the cleaning service also it is possible for us to provide services to him.

Offers galore:

We regularly come out with sale offers and schemes for our furniture where we offer furniture at a rebate. The prices are so reasonable during this time that it is like buying for a steal. The promotion offers are run for six months in a year and it is the best time to restock the furniture that you have been scouting for a long-long time.