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Outdoor furniture requires a good upkeep:

The furniture maintenance for the outdoors is an extensive one. It is one that requires to be done more often than the rest of the house. It is prone to weather and also garden insects.

A lot of people shy away from maintaining this area because calling cleaners from outside agencies too often can burn a hole in their pocket and sometimes because it is not too easy for them to keep a frequent cleaning schedule for various reasons like health, lack of manpower, expensive etc.

But what if we tell you that you can clean the outdoor furniture yourself and without spending too much, or call anyone from the agency or even during large gaps?!

Well, that is what we are going to do today. We have the list of most un-expensive and easy cleaning solutions for outdoor furniture. Let's get started, shall we?

Starting with the wicker furniture:

If you have wicker or cane furniture in your garden sit-out area, there is nothing that you may need to buy from the store. Just dilute a mild hair shampoo with water in the proportion of 1:6. If the shampoo does not say mil on the label, you may mix 8 parts of water with one part of the shampoo. Mix it with a straw or a stick. Now, using a sponge saturated with this liquid, start by rubbing the top part gently. Slowly work your way to the bottom. Once you have covered the entire piece of furniture, let it sit for about seven-eight minutes and then spray water from a hose and run the solution off. You may want to do this process two times in case you think the grime is not completely gone. Keep it to dry under a shade in an airy place and you are good to use it when it dries!

Did you say plastic furniture?

If you have a combination of white and colored plastic furniture, you may want to separate them while cleaning. For white plastic furniture, you will need to mix three tablespoons of dishwasher detergent that includes a bleaching agent along with a gallon of water. Let the mixture mix and sit for ten-fifteen minutes. Start with scrubbing with a soft cloth or a sponge. Work your way from up to down and wash the chair in five minutes straight. You will find your white plastic staying white for a longer period if you repeat this cleaning process once in three months at least.

For colored plastic furniture, you can mix any household all-purpose cleaner with a gallon of water and soft scrub the chairs and tables. Make sure you rinse off the solution properly because the solution can help the furniture color to fade away quickly when exposed to sunlight.

Does canvasback chair anyone?

If the canvas on the chair is removable, it can be machine washable. A good idea is to put it in a laundry net before tossing it into the tub of the machine. Also, do not tumble dry. Once the cycle is over, fit the canvas on to the chair when it is still slightly damp. This retains the shape of the canvas and the sun outside will anyway dry out the dampness!

It is a better idea to soak the canvas in a bucket before the machine wash so that anything stuck on it like bird droppings can loosen up.


Who does not love cushions they add the cozy and the chutzpah!

To clean cushions, add one spoon borax powder and one spoon of dishwasher detergent to one quint of water and mix well. Using a sponge saturated in this solution work on the cushions. Pay more attention to the sides and the creases. Once done, spray water from a high-speed jet attachment and prop them on one of their edges to let the excess water run. Once the water runs off, you can dry them on a line with clips but make sure to keep changing its hung position in every half hour or so. This will help it retain its original shape.

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